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The Cimpatico Podcast

May 25, 2021

This is part one of a special four part symposium that was broadcast on Cimpatico, produced in partnership with OneUpAction this past Earth Day. 

Bill McKibben (of gives a keynote speech, while Saad Amer, the CoFounder of Plus1Vote, hosts. 

This episode features Environmental Justice section of the #ActionsForTheEarth Symposium which focuses on Biden’s plans regarding access to clean water, broadband access, job creation, restoring nature-based infrastructure, and cleaning up toxic waste as outlined in The American Jobs Plan. Each of these topics pertains to low-income and otherwise disadvantaged communities.

Panel guests featured are:

Wanjiku "Wawa" Gatheru (she/her)

Kiana Kazemi (she/her)

Elsa Mengistu (she/her)

Xiye Bastida (she/her)