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The Cimpatico Podcast

Jun 9, 2021

This is part three of a special four part symposium that was broadcast on Cimpatico, produced in partnership with OneUpAction this past Earth Day. 

Saad Amer, the CoFounder of Plus1Vote, hosts. 

This episode features the Agriculture and Conservation section of the #ActionsForTheEarth Symposium which will focus on the new plans for creating more resilient food systems and land/water resources, and economic opportunities for farmers as outlined in The American Jobs Plan. Additionally, the panel will explore topics that are left out of Biden’s plan, such as regenerative agriculture.

Panel guests featured are:

Abby Katz (ella/she/her(s))

Lana Weidgenant (she/her)

Mackenzie Feldman (she/her)

Storm Lewis (she/her)

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