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The Cimpatico Podcast

Jun 16, 2021

This is part four of a special four part symposium that was broadcast on Cimpatico, produced in partnership with OneUpAction this past Earth Day. 

Saad Amer, the CoFounder of Plus1Vote, hosts. 

Rep. Andy Levin (D) Michigan-09 makes a special appearance.

The episode features The Clean Energy panel which focuses on plans for manufacturing, electric vehicles, and electric heating for housing and commercial buildings. The power sector is the second-largest contributor to the US carbon footprint. Biden’s plan establishes a Clean Electricity Standard, mandating utilities across the US increase their share of clean electricity. It also increases funding for research.

Panel guests featured are:

Alicia Novoa (she/her)

Natalie Mebane (she/her)

Philip Aiken (he/him)

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